Why I Killed the Local Kula

Dear Anusara Kula of Colorado,

I realize today that some of you may not know the history of our facebook group and I wanted to share it, as well as my thoughts on whether it should continue.

I started this facebook group more than two years ago as an attempt to bring us together. Originally, it was from my address book which contributed to its lame name of Anusara Local. Then, thanks to many of you, we collected nearly 100 names of the teachers in our state who were licensed and lived in Colorado. That was the criteria we agreed upon.

The group was meant to be a place where we could ask questions regarding technique and philosophy, share our events and get a sub if need be. I remember some very sweet discourse while members were getting their certification completed. Those are lovely memories.

Then Feb. 3 happened and www.jfexposed.com surfaced. Of course it rocked us. Members asked that we post blogs and links to sites that had information so we could stay informed. I posted blogs from many bloggers including Bay Shakti, Amy Ippoliti, Christina Sell, Bernadette Birney, Emma Magenta and myself.

I did not realize then that some very powerful members of our kula only wanted to read the blogs of the view that John was innocent and should return to teaching, and not allowing that meant you lacked compassion and were not a good “yogi.” That led to Cindy Lusk and Bill Dorigan kicking me out of the kula, the kula that I was a member of for five years, and the kula I worked to create cohesiveness.

Technically, they say they didn’t “kick me out,” they just asked me publicly not to come to the meetings. But many others didn’t see it that way either and it led to a wave of resignations from both the kula and Anusara. I am moved to this day by the support shown to me. I do realize, however, that it may have been partially support to me, and partially disgust at being told what to do and what to think by a hierarchy created by John.  

This group had been established to support each other. Today, all will agree that it is no longer a safe place either to discuss yoga or to share our marketing. There are members from out of state, and as we discovered this week, even members from Anusara, Inc. Ironically, and I do love a good irony, I probably share the most events on this page. I harbor no angry feelings whatsoever especially toward Cindy, Bill and Jeanie. Cindy was my original mentor! They are all excellent teachers and have much to offer.

I have been asked to create a new group for teachers who have resigned and who would like to create a community once again where we support one another. The criteria are simple: you must live in Colorado, you must have resigned, and you must have moved on spiritually and morally. You cannot have it both ways. To feel safe, we want to know that no one here will be reporting back to John or Anusara Inc. regarding our workshops, events, and innermost feelings. On reflection, the teachers who are clear in their path are also the ones I would like to study with.

I welcome you to our new space. Please message me if you are interested in joining. As for Anusara Local, I feel it is so corrupted and so invaded by new people that there is no choice but to euthanize it. A mercy killing is sometimes the most compassionate approach. How would everything have been different today if Anusara Inc. had died a quick death last February, as Douglas Brooks and others called for, rather than this long and painful wait on life support? Even John has moved on. It is time for me to do the same.

I wish you all the best, on the mat and into the world.