Book Review: The Dragon Inside.

In "Yoga for Dragon Riders: Yoga. Breath. Meditation. Mantra. Energy. Ancient Wisdom for Everyday People," Katrina Hokule’a Ariel has written not just a book, but a vast encyclopedic guide encompassing an array of knowledge about yoga. “Yoga for Dragon Riders” reads like a self-help book, a how-to book and a reference work on everything yoga.

Obviously a skilled and highly trained teacher, Hokule’a Ariel was influenced by the former school of Anusara Yoga and draws her observations about Universal and Individual roles, the Supernatural and the Divine play in life from the teachings of John Friend, Sally Kempton and other philosophers from the Tantric vein.

By far the most inspirational aspect of “Dragon Riders” is the section on yoga asana, or the postures that make up the physical practice. The photographs of Hokule’a Ariel are amazing and by my eye, technically aligned and as close to perfect as a human can get. She has a beautiful practice, and a deep and thoughtful understanding of the underlying philosophy of yoga. We are lucky she has chosen to share it in this beautiful book.

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