Fearless After 50

Fearless After 50


In these days when so much about a youthful world is glorified, along comes a courageous new book that shows how to flourish in midlife with yoga. Fearless after Fifty: How to Thrive with Grace, Grit and Yoga is written by two internationally known teachers, Desiree Rumbaugh and Michelle Marchildon, the Yogi Muse. These two women write with a candid, conversational “been there, done that” tone that demystifies yoga and makes you want what they’re having.

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With a foreword by Cyndi Lee, FAF is endorsed by Ana Forest, Seane Corn, Elena Brower, Colleen Saidman, Amy Ippoliti and a dozen more superstar, internationally-recognized teachers. It is filled with inspiration and instruction, proven, scientifically-based research, and practical advice for how to get that swagger in midlife.

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