The Last Word I Ever Want To Say On Lululemon

Dear Friends:This situation was really surprising to me. I did not in any way want to be the poster child for disenfranchised yogis, the old, the mothers, the un-sexy, and the over size 12. But it must have been my destiny! The whole thing was a stupid joke about my local Lululemon, where I have taught for free for six years, and hosted the employees in my classes, and included them in my charitable work re-purposing yoga mats, etc, and sent them a ton of customers, but never, not once, was considered for Ambassador. I even taught for the store on less than 12 hours notice when the 20-year-old they hired bailed and the manager begged me.  That shows that no good deed goes unpunished. There was a wave of resentment and like a good yogi, I rode it.The very surprising thing, is that I got a lot of hate mail from readers who say they will no longer buy my book, or read my blog, or come to my classes because I even wanted to be a part of Lululemon. And it's not like I didn't hear it before. Many students begged me not to wear their clothes since my message is all about living better, wiser and stronger and not being exclusive. But, dumbass that I am, I didn't quite hear it until this week. I'm listening now. Yesterday, I had nearly 50 in my noon, and 83 in an evening class who supported this cause. Crazy, huh?If you feel that Lululemon and the culture of a youth-oriented yoga has left you in the dust, you are not alone. I am with you all the way. However, I do want to say that we are not what we wear. We are all so much more than the luon on our backs, or thighs. Overall, and this is what I put in my book before all this craziness happened, we should be yogis and get over the industry and its marketing.  Ahimsa.  I am not less of a yogi because I am sometimes color-coordinated and sort of fabulous (which has been the rap on me, seriously).  Someone is not more of a yogi if they are in organic cotton. We are all actually people inside of what we wear.  I am hoping for a world where clothing is more functional and less of a political statement.  Having said that, I am actively seeking a yoga clothing manufacturer whose heart is truly on the mat.Much love, Michelle