The Easiest Way to Weave a Theme

I love teaching with inspiration because it makes my day when I can help someone feel better, wiser or stronger with yoga.

However, I recognize that this is not often easy for many teachers. Honestly, sometimes we overthink it. And sometimes, we under-prepare it.  

In Theme Weaver, the little tidbits that we say in a class to weave the theme are called Golden Nuggets. They generally fall into two categories, “Arrive” and “Journey.” 

An “Arrive” Golden Nugget is where you say that someone is already perfect just as they are. “You’ve got this” and “You’re on it,” are two Arrive quotes.

A “Journey” Golden Nugget is when you support someone in the struggle. “Do not give up,” and “Hang in there,” are Journey type of quotes.

If this is confusing, then let it go. Over time you may notice that you tend toward one or the other, then you might be able to balance out your inspiration to support students no matter where they are in their own journey. There is nothing more depressing than having a good day and going to a class where the teacher is a downer, every single time.

It is best when you can create inspiration based on your opening story, or Anecdote. But I know we don’t always have the time. Therefore, here is a sampling of some versatile nuggets. Use what you can and leave the rest.

Golden Nuggets


·      Everything you need, is inside.

·      You’ve got this.

·      Believe it.

·      Own it.

·      Make this pose yours.

·      Show this pose who’s the boss.

·      You are right where you are supposed to be.

·      With each step, you arrive.

·      Be fearless.

·      Be strong.



·      Do not give up.

·      Hang in there.

·      Try, and then try again.

·      Do what you can, leave the rest.

·      It’s practice, not perfect.

·      Come as you are.

·      Grace meets us where we are, but it does not leave us where it found us.

·      Do less, breathe more.

·      Breathe and let go.

·      Surrender to what is.

Michelle Marchildon is the Yogi Muse. She is the author most recently of Theme Weaver: A Companion Workbook to Plan Yoga Classes. You can find her wherever books are sold, and at