Props are the Path to More.

Scorpion with chair

I wasn’t always old.

At some point (although I can’t remember when) I used to be young. Back then, I could stay out all night, ace a test in the morning, and go for a run in the afternoon. But these days I am lucky, thrilled even, to wake up and not feel a terrible crunching in my knees when I walk the dogs.

Being older is not an excuse to give up. Being older is a challenge to find more. I start my day on my mat, where I find that if I go slower and use props, there is still nothing that I can’t do.

A wise teacher once told me that using props is not an apology for making things easier. Using props is a way to go deeper. I took that to heart and began an earnest exploration of how to find what I’m looking for in yoga.

These days I use everything, blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters, walls and friends to find a way to maintain strength and flexibility. I am fierce in my determination to live a strong and healthy life. I’ve tried aging gracefully by doing less, and aging like a badass by doing more, and I know which is better.

I will not give up, even if it takes a strap to get me there.

I will not give up, even if I need a wall to balance.

I will not give up, even if I have to do a headstand on two chairs.

I will not give up, period.

Please join me for an evening of Propasana. Don’t wait to find your deepest expression on the mat. Step out of the flow and go deeper now. You never know what you’ll find, until you look for more.

Kindness Yoga Hilltop. April 15, 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. $5 for Kindness teachers. $20 everyone else.