Practice is the Point

Practice is the Point, a 'Theme Weaver' Theme

You: Why do you teach yoga?

Theme:  Practice is the point, a sports theme. The pose is just a stepping stone.

HOVs:     Practice, resilience, inner strength, belief


Kareem Hunt is a rookie. He plays for the K.C. Chiefs. On his first carry, he fumbled and caused a turnover. This is a disaster for a rookie, because it gets in his head. The coach took him off the field. You could see the kid crying. The coach was yelling at him – not because he fumbled – but because he couldn’t let it go. Next play, they give it to Hunt. He didn’t fumble. In fact, he went on to set a record for that game, and again the next week, and the next week! In yoga, we have a word for this when the pose doesn’t go right: it’s called “Practice.”


What holds us back? What gets in our head? Stay in the game. Focusing on the shortcomings of a pose misses the point.. Mr. Iyengar says, “How we begin something, is how we do anything.” Inversions are easy to misunderstand. We think we fail if we fall or fumble. The lesson is how do we come back?

Golden Nuggets:

  • Every pose is a new beginning.

  • Fall 7 times, get up 8.

  • Be willing to do the work.

  • Carry the ball, over and over again.

  • We cannot control, but we can prepare.

  • Stay in the game.

  • Come back for more.

  • Endurance is not for weenies.

  • We take the good with the bad.

  • Master the art of intention, resilience and doggedness.

  • Believe in yourself.

VP (Value Proposition) The measure of a yogi is taken not when we succeed, but when we get back up, and practice again.


  • “Great things are done as a series of small things brought together.” Van Gogh

  • “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell.

  • “There were better players than me. There were better athletes. But nobody was better prepared. Every time I took the field I made sure I was the most prepared that I could be.” Peyton Manning.

  • “It ain’t the heat. It’s the humility.” Yogi Berra. 

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