Nanny-Gate at the Baldwins

MARY POPPINS, Julie Andrews, 1964In case you missed it, there’s been more drama for yogi Hilaria Baldwin. After hubby Alec thanked five nannies for their service, it set off a firestorm of media coverage for the young mother.Actually, it wasn’t really a firestorm. Hilaria wrote on Instagram that the haters were picking on her. She also said she doesn’t have five nannies, just lots of friends who help with the children. Then TMZ wrote a few snide comments, but hey, you haven’t made it until TMZ has something to say about it.I’m not judging Hilaria because if I could do it over again I would absolutely have five nannies, along with five drivers, cooks and full-time housekeepers. However, I would not under any circumstances have five husbands. Managing one has been challenging enough, as Hilaria is finding out.Furthermore, the reason this blog is so stinking late is because there’s never a nanny around my house when you need one.Normally a ‘Nanny-Gate’ crisis would not interest me, except that not long ago Hilaria also claimed that I was “hating on her.”Just to clarify, I don’t hate on anyone. Even the people who should be hated on, I don’t hate on. Haters gonna hate, but I have better things to do, like the laundry. What I wrote was that she may be a housewife with some time on her hands so she can take those lovely photos you see on Instagram.“I am not a housewife,” she tweeted. She then rallied her 100K followers to flood my social media threatening me with all kinds of crazy.I said that there must be some misunderstanding because I’m a stay at home mother, so I didn’t realize it was such a bad thing. Hilaria then tweeted that the time she spent at home was harder than the time she spent at work, and now all the stay at home mothers started hating on me too.This would be soooo funny if normal people didn’t ask me why do I hate mothers and Hilaria Baldwin? Which is not true. I think Hilaria is adorable-a on her non-stop Instagram-a.Here is the point: drama is like a fire. It needs energy to fuel the flames.I notice a trend of people on social media saying that the world is picking on them. Social media can foster a victim mentality because it fuels those “likes” and positive comments. The victim is rewarded with lots of “likes” and angry hyperbole from outraged, disenfranchised, anonymous people who heretofore had no voice and also felt like a victim.Back in the day, when sh*t happened, we pulled ourselves out of the muck. Nowadays it seems that people want to roll around in it.“Victims are violent people,” said the writer Byron Katie. I interpret that to mean if you wear the role of victim, you wreak havoc on those around you with guilt, blame and shame. It’s a manipulation. On the other hand, if you stand up, brush yourself off, own it and move on, there is no drama. It’s over and out. But that’s not as much fun on twitter.Can you even imagine it? "Celebrity Takes Full Responsibility for their Behavior." That story dies pretty quickly.I might suggest that more of us practice non-attachment with the dramas, particularly those on social media. So what if someone has five nannies? Believe me when I say that if a mother said she wouldn’t take some help, she’s either lying or crazy.Against all better judgment, I am going to post this and get ready for the Baldwin onslaught of rabid and unhappy mothers. Now I’ve really given them something to talk about – that idea that I hate on victims. However, if TMZ gets a hold of it, then it will be worth it."STAY AT HOME MOTHER TELLS VICTIMS AND HATERS THEY CAN SUCK IT." Yes folks, you read it here first.Michelle Marchildon is The Yogi Muse. She’s an award-winning journalist and the author of Finding More on the Mat: How I Grew Better, Wiser and Stronger through Yoga (Hohm Press). Her next book on Aging and Yoga will be published in 2016. You can find her blog and website at