My Dream Students: George and Tim

 A list of who I’d really like to see in yoga class this year. I hope the Universe is listening:

  • Tim Tebow. After the Patriots finished throwing you to the ground, and apparently tearing your rib cage, I think you could probably use some love.  We’ll do Anjanasana together (the kneeling pose). And I might have to adjust your hips a little bit. Right?
  • George Clooney.  Class will be canceled if he shows up. Booooyah!
  • Erma Bombeck.  It’s a long shot, but hey, I’m a dreamer.
  • Jane Fonda.  Love her. She is showing all of us the way after 50, or 60, or 70.
  • Oprah.  She will probably dig my theme because it may have come from her.
  • A teenager, any teenager but especially a really tight, self-conscious one will do.
  • My Mom.  She needs it. Same with my Dad. And my Husband.
  • And everyone who did shit to me. I can treat you nicely. It will freaking kill you.
  • Buddha.  Another long shot, but I’d like to help him with Child’s Pose.
  • B.K.S. Iyengar. I will humbly kneel at your feet, sir.
  • Vanda Scaravelli, my original inspiration.  The most beautiful yogi even at 92.
  • Julia Childs, who did what she loved and turned it into a gift to the world. And after class we’ll have dinner, which I’m pretty sure I won’t have to make.

 Michelle Berman Marchildon is an award-winning journalist, a former corporate executive and a survivor of 50+ years of life. She’s the author of “Finding More on the Mat,” a yoga memoir available from She teaches Anusara-Inspired and Vinyasa yoga in Denver, Colorado.