Who Do You Love? A Valentine's Day Theme

You:                 Why do you teach?

Theme:            Who do you love? A take on ‘Safe or Sorry’?

HOVs:              Risk vs Reward, Santosha, Contentment and Tapas, or fire.


On Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but remember the ones I loved. Did you date the good boy Paul McCartney, or bad boy, Mick Jagger? Are you more Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie? How much danger do you desire in your life? In your practice? Is it better to be safe, or sorry?


Polarities, or opposites, sometimes help us define the middle. It might be hard to say, “I want this.” And so it’s easier to say, “I don’t want that.” Yoga is all about knowing ourselves. How much danger do we like? How much comfort keeps us safe, and how much is too much and keeps us stuck?

Golden Nuggets:

  • Are you one pose away from sorry?

  • Would you rather be safe or sorry?

  • Practice safe yoga.

  • Take little steps out of bounds.

  • Without risk there is no reward.

  • Fall in love with your practice.

  • Take little steps toward bravery.

  • Believe you are on the right path.

  • Be brave and step out of bounds.

  • Be safe and be nurtured by your yoga.

  • Balance desire with work

  • Love this life.

  • The threshold is where the magic happens.

  • Stay here and love you.

VP:  Somewhere between the edges of safe and sorry is the place where we find more on the mat.Quotes:

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