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Props for Michelle’s writing, classes and workshops

The Yogi Muse Blog wins "Best Yoga Blog for 2017" from Credit Donkey. Right? A donkey may be an a**, but he can't be all wrong. Read about it here. 


“I absolutely love your class, but more than that -- I LOVE your attitude to teaching.  More than a workout, your classes are an experience.  While yesterday's class physically kicked my ass (and my arms, ribs, and back), I not only learn something new about yoga every time I go to your class -- I remember to enjoy the experience and life.” Michelle Y, Denver

“You truly have a knack to inspire and lead our community of teachers, thank you for your presence and your support at this workshop.”

“Your lectures and the pairing of events with everyday life opened my thinking in ways I could have only wished for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I went to YOGA this morning and felt this lightness when I left that I have never experienced before. I just wanted to share my story and extreme gratitude with the one who is guiding me towards something more.” Melissa W. Denver


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  1. Stephen Bison 500ERYT on August 25, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    This book changed my class of orchestrated asana to a weekly cohesive mind, body and breath experiment. I know wrap intention and sutras into a really nice package with a bow.

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