The Biggest Little Farm, a Yoga Theme


This movie so inspired me, I wrote a yoga theme for it. Enjoy.

Your Why:       Why do you teach yoga?

Theme:            Fearless Love. A Journey Theme.

HOVs:              Fearlessness, Authenticity, Vulnerability


I loved this new movie called The Biggest Little Farm. In it, a couple decide to create a 250-acre farm using all natural environments. Everyone said they were crazy. Then the snails came, the coyotes came, the birds ate the fruit, the pig almost died. At each juncture, they thought about quitting, and they soldiered on. What have you done for love? What have you done in the face of all reason? What has been your driving passion? How have your failures taught you more?


Some of the most beautiful lessons from this movie are about failure, being too naïve to know failure, and carrying on. Also learning to wait, to pause, letting nature step in before altering the course.


Golden Nuggets

·      Never forget why you came.

·      If you fail, try again.

·      A fearless heart comes back for more.

·      Try over and over until you get it right.

·      Before you act, let nature take its course.

·      The Universe conspires for you.

·      Something big is waiting for you.

·       The biggest challenges are often powered by something bigger.

·      Let Grace guide you.


VP:       If we’re patient, we might find the biggest lessons in life come from our failures.


“Love is just like yoga. You have to be willing to try over and over again, until you get it right.” Finding More on the Mat, Michelle Marchildon

·      “A fearless heart’s been broken many times before. A fearless heart just comes back for more.” Steve Earle

·      “It takes courage to reveal your dreams.” Erma Bombeck.

·      “To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom,” Bertrand  Russell.