So You Wanna be a Yoga Teacher?

Teaching is a practice too.

I am proud to be a brand ambassador for CorePower, even though The New York Times has made it out to be really bad, like Facebook, the Mueller report and basically all of Washington D.C.

First off I want to say, Facebook isn’t evil and neither are the people who use it and/or Instagram. The problem with Facebook is more complicated and involves really stupid people reading really stupid posts and believing them. When we can solve the nation’s crisis in education and lack of critical thinking, Facebook will no longer be a viable platform for the Russians.

Same with CorePower. It is not all bad. It is also not perfect. Like everything, it is somewhere in-between.

CorePower has introduced not hundreds, but millions of people to yoga. That is a good thing. The more people sweating it out on their mats, the less people who are picking fights on social media. CorePower is where I started, along with many other teachers.

The Times has repeated allegations contained in several lawsuits against CorePower, lawsuits that have not all been settled yet. But here’s the thing: if you employ thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, you are going to get sued. We live in a litigious society.

That is not to say that all the suits are without merit. But I don’t want to get into that. What do I know?

I want to get into this: Once upon a time a CorePower teacher asked me to take teacher training. I did. It changed my life. Then I took another, and another, and another from many different styles of yoga. In all, I am certified in: Hatha, Power, Anusara, Therapeutic, and I offer my own, certified, Yoga Alliance approved training in Yoga Themes.

Not every student who takes a teacher training will become a teacher. It is not an entrance examination to a guaranteed job like a civil servant exam (which is perhaps the most misunderstood part of the process). It is a doorway to personal transformation.

If you have the aptitude to be a teacher, then most likely the Universe will open a door for you to teach, somewhere. If you only received an education and experienced a life-changing transformation, if you took a giant step towards Samadhi, or Enlightenment, if you found a passion for life, and new friends and a new way of thinking, then I guess it sucks for you if you didn’t get hired.

But what do I know?

Michelle Marchildon is the Yogi Muse. She is an award-winning writer and the author of three books on yoga. Her newest, Theme Weaver: Inspiration is Inside, is due in June. She is also a proud ambassador for CorePower yoga, and her haters can suck it.

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