The Business of Yoga

So You Wanna be a Yoga Teacher?

I am proud to be a brand ambassador for CorePower, even though The New York Times has made it out to be really bad, like Facebook, the Mueller report and basically all of Washington D.C. First off I want to say, Facebook isn’t evil and neither are the people who use it and/or Instagram. The…

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Taylor Swift: Yoga Studios Are a lot Like Apple

The $30 billion yoga industry might stand to take a lesson from Apple and Taylor Swift and pay their teachers even if they offer a discounted introductory package. While Taylor Swift, with a net worth larger than many small countries, can easily boycott Apple and other distributors that offer free or deeply discounted tunes, not…

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Why Yoga is a Broke-A** Business

This month the famed New York yoga studio, Virayoga, goes out of business because its owner, Yoga Superstar Elena Brower, could not make it work financially. A moment of silence please. There is also a blog circulating talking about five things you do not know about your yoga teacher, including the realization that despite thousands…

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