Teaching Yoga

What Makes a Good Yoga Class?

And what makes a really bad one?  Greetings fellow yogis. I have just returned from a really crazy, really bad yoga class. It was so wrong, that my friend and fellow teacher wants her money back. It was so wrong, that I feel slightly mistreated. It was so wrong, that I am compelled to write…

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Practice is the Point

Practice is the Point, a ‘Theme Weaver’ Theme You: (Put your “Why” or reason to teach here.) I teach to help everyone find clarity in their practice, and purpose in their life. Theme:  Practice is the point, a sports theme. The pose is just a stepping stone. HOVs:              Practice,…

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The Pressure to Teach Hard Poses  

There’s so much pressure on local teachers to fill their rooms, be authentic, and sell studio memberships, that it’s a wonder anyone can remember why they wanted to teach in the first place. The best advice we receive is you be you, and people will follow. As if. I am a somewhat cranky, older woman who…

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